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It took me 15 minutes to import my contacts and send out 265 personalized e-mail messages. Within 48 hours, my e-mail campaign generated 21 real leads. I simply could not achieve these results using the CRM solution my employer purchased for our organization.

We tried to install a Workgroup contact management solutions from Act. After 30 days of pulling our hair out, we gave up and called the CRM solution. Within 24 hours, our entire office was live and productive on the CRM solution.

The CRM solution allows me to capture and search on specific characteristics about my prospects. So my marketing efforts can be very focused.

I installed the CRM solution, customized the application and imported 600 Contacts in 30 minutes

Everyone in our company is focused on servicing our customers, we don't have an IT staff and our technical skills are limited. The CRM solution is perfect for us, because it does not require a technical staff to customize and administer the system. It does it's job well and we can stay focused on the business.

This software helps me stay on top of all my opportunities and actually helps me sell more.

Agnus Business Solutions brings easy to use desktop solution for India’s growing MSME’s segment.

Our easy and intuitive software solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses. The solution works the way you work and genuinely helps you to do your job more effectively.

The Solutions can bring enormous benefit to your business, but only if your users adopt it.

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